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The older you get, the harder it can be to lose weight. At Dr. Janet Sanchez’s practice in Elmhurst, New York, you can get the attention and support you need with a medical weight loss treatment plan. Unlike most diet or exercise programs, medically supervised weight loss takes into account your unique physiology, health history, and other factors that may be keeping you from shedding those pounds. Call for an appointment today to get started.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is medical weight loss?

Many people try diet after diet, only to keep falling short of their weight loss goals. That's where a medically supervised weight loss approach can help.

Dr. Sanchez is skilled in helping her patients achieve long-term weight loss safely and efficiently. She assesses each patient’s challenges to create a customized plan that takes into account any health issues that may be contributing to weight gain.

Several factors can contribute to weight loss resistance, and medical weight loss addresses all of these variables in a more comprehensive way than a typical diet program can.

How does medical weight loss work?

Weight loss is unique from one person to the next, as hormones, genetics, and lifestyle habits all contribute to your weight. Your treatment plan will be customized, and Dr. Sanchez performs a comprehensive assessment to gain an understanding of your health history, your body fat percentage, your fitness level, and more.

She creates the safest, most effective way for you to reach your weight loss goals in the shortest amount of time. Some methods Dr. Sanchez uses include:

  • Customized dietary advice
  • An exercise plan tailored to your fitness level and lifestyle
  • Medication or supplements that help regulate your appetite or support the weight loss process

Dr. Sanchez can also help you with behavior modification strategies, stress management, or other lifestyle-related factors that support your weight loss efforts.

What are the benefits of medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss addresses the physiological factors that may have prevented you from losing weight in the past. In some cases, an underlying health condition can thwart even your best efforts to eat right and exercise.

Another benefit of medical weight loss is that you’re supported and encouraged by an expert throughout the entire journey. Dr. Sanchez monitors your progress and can recommend adjustments or changes if your weight loss stalls. With this type of ongoing support, you’ll be sure to reach your goals and keep the weight off for good.

To get started on your weight loss journey today, call for an appointment today.