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Janet Sanchez, MD

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No matter how healthy you are, chronic pain can make you miserable. Whether it’s back problems, arthritis, or an injury, Dr. Janet Sanchez can diagnose and treat the cause of your pain. With a comfortable office in Elmhurst, New York, she helps patients of all ages find relief, energy, and mobility in their bodies once again.

Pain Management Q & A

What causes chronic pain?

Dr. Sanchez can find the cause of your chronic pain with a series of tests and a thorough understanding of your health history. Several factors can contribute to the cause of your pain, which include:

  • Trauma or injury: an old athletic injury or a sudden accident can cause long-lasting pain
  • Underlying illness: autoimmune conditions, arthritis, or a disease of the musculoskeletal system
  • Stress: the physical tension often created by stress can tax and fatigue your body

The critical part of treating chronic pain is first discovering what’s causing it, as masking your symptoms with medication or painkillers will only offer short-term relief.

How is chronic pain treated?

As an integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Sanchez can treat chronic pain by addressing the cause and supporting your body’s ability to heal.

If several different factors contribute to your pain, Dr. Sanchez addresses each one individually with specific treatment methods. For example, pain caused by an injury might require physical therapy, while the right medication can resolve chronic pain from an autoimmune condition.

Dr. Sanchez customizes a treatment protocol that suits your goals and your lifestyle, and she can refer you to numerous specialists, if necessary. Your comfort and safety is her top priority.

What can I expect with chronic pain treatment?  

Chronic pain treatment involves managing your symptoms but also ensuring that the pain ultimately stops. Dr. Sanchez may recommend a long-term treatment plan that combines medication, physical therapy, or other methods designed to return movement and ease to your body.

Over time, you can expect the pain to lessen, and you’ll learn better strategies for taking care of your body. If you’ve been dependent on pain medication for your condition, healing may also involve exploring other, more natural options.

Chronic pain won’t go away overnight, but Dr. Sanchez can support you in achieving a full recovery. To begin the road to healing, call her for an appointment today.